Lone Wolf romance series coming soon

Author Weldon Ray Shaw

Lone Wolf romance series coming soon

Lone Wolf is a book for those who believe in true love and sacrifice for that one special person you love. To love someone so much you are willing to die for them to insure they are safe. It unfolds in the time frame of the 1840’s, in a wilderness of Montana which had not been tamed as of yet. It was a time period when peoples lives where lived in the harshest elements and death was a reality.

The story unfold telling how Britt McCormick, who was sixteen at the time, was found stranded, lonely and helpless by the Cheyenne Indians, who took him in after his family had died. The Cheyenne Chief Running Fox, found Britt to be a very interesting child and gave him the name of Lone Wolf. Running Fox saw a spirit in Lone Wolfs eyes, unlike any spirit he had ever seen before. He knew this child possessed strong medicine inside him and was destined for great things.

Because of this, he brought Lone Wolf home to his daughter Fawn to take care of. Fawn who was only eighteen at the time, and was recently widowed herself. Fawn at first was very displeased with her father for dropping this white man off on her, mostly because they had always been taught to hate the white man.

But as time went on she grew very close to Lone Wolf, and he filled a void in her heart which had been empty for sometime. Lone Wolf is a book about love. It tells the story of how love can break down all fear, when the one you love is in trouble. It shows the sacrifices one may have to make to keep those close to your heart safe.

It also points out love is not something that is easily received, but rather something you must earn from another person. Lone Wolf proves people from different parts of the world and even customs can come together and be very happy with each other.

The sad part of this novel is, it makes you realize you should never take what you have for granted, because as fate has it, it might not be here tomorrow. Love is a very mysterious thing, but one thing is for sure as Lone Wolf found out himself, when you lose the one you love, that special person who was the only reason you woke up each day, that void that person leaves in your heart will be so big it will seem impossible to fill.

I hope you enjoy Lone Wolf as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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