Lone Wolf romance novel series

Lone Wolf A New Beginning
“romance novel series” will soon be available

Lone Wolf was written in a manner to connect reader with the characters. Its characters were developed to enter into your heart. Fawn the 18-year-old daughter of a Cheyenne chief and the most beautiful woman you could imagine has such strong qualities about her. Being the first-born child of chief Running Fox, he taught her to be fearless and to shoot a bow like a great worrier. Her mother “Moon” taught her how to be a woman, who was caring, loving, giving and tender.
Britt McCormick (Lone Wolf) 16 at the time was a tall handsome teen who loved his mother with all his heart. His mother spent many hours talking to him about being kind, loving, protective and most important she taught him what the word chivalry meant to a woman.
Based in 1840’s, the story tells how Britt and his family traveled from Corbin Kentucky to the Indian territory now known as “Montana.” Being unprepared his family endured a harsh trip and arrived in Montana during the dead of winter. Having no shelter, one by one, Britt’s family came down sick with pneumonia resulting in their deaths.
Because of Britt’s lack of knowledge on how to survive in such a harsh wilderness, he knew it would be only a matter of time before he joined his family. Just when Britt felt all hope had ran out, little did he know a Cheyenne hunting party was making its way down the mountainside.
The hunting party was led by Chief Running Fox, who captured Britt and introduced him to a new life with the Cheyenne people. Running Fox possessed a gift, the ability to read peoples souls through their eyes. When he looked into Britt’s eyes, he saw such strong medicine, stronger than he had ever seen before. He knew after seeing Britt’s inner spirit he would bring much honor to the Cheyenne people.
Britt was taken to the Cheyenne village, where he was placed in the care of Running Fox’s reluctant daughter Fawn who had been recently widowed. Running Fox advised his daughter he had a vision that told him this young boy would one day be her husband. Eventhough Fawn loved her father very much, such a jester made her very mad.
As time went on Britt, who was given the Indian name of Lone Wolf, almost sacrificed his life on several occasion to protect Fawn. Overtime Fawn came to realize how special her Blue Eyes “Lone Wolf” really was. Eventhough she was a very beautiful strong woman, who was admired by all the braves, in the end she fell madly in love with Lone Wolf.
Lone Wolf is about the will to sacrifice one’s life for the person you love. It is about breaking through the barriers of different cultures. It is about love and how it can control the heart. It tells the story of how easy it is to loose everything you based your whole life on, just in a flash. I guess in the end, Lone Wolf is about the will to die for the one you love, just so they can live another day.
When this romance/action novel is released, don’t miss out on reading it, you will be very pleasantly surprised. One reviewer said, Fawn and Lone Wolf felt like family by the time she got to the end of the first novel. Another reader said she felt like she was actually there and could see what they were wearing as well as what they were doing.
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