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Good morning everyone this post is a little long but worth it. Lets talk about one of the controversial subjects in my self help parenting book “THE RISE AND FALL OF OUR YOUTH” available at and The subject today is corporal punishment. Wow what a wicked sounding word, yes it is because it is a legal word. In the early 80’s those lobbying against corporal punishment managed to convince politicians that spanking our kids at home and in the school system was abuse and did great damage to their ability to be productive adults. All but 5 states bought into this BS that leading experts or those who wanted to be considered leading experts was pushing. They indicated spanking your child led to child abuse and eliminating it would help eliminate child abuse. Well 30 years later child abuse is still in existence and has not gone away. It is my experience working in the prison environment that those who commit child abuse are the same people who batter their wives or husbands. Being a abusive person is a mental disorder that will not go away with the changing of any law. Criminal minded people and the mentally ill do not care about laws. They act off of being triggered by something, it is called anger management. People who have anger management issues fly off the handle and do not care about who they hurt while their acting out. It comes down to bad behavior traits being taught to them as children. They learned as a child that they could throw a fit and get away with it and they continued it into adulthood. The difference is their behavior traits worsened and became more violent as they got older. No child abuse has not gone away, nor spousal abuse. Those against corporal punishment also said it was the root to all evil causing bad grades in school. Well it does not take a genius to figure out the US schools have one of the biggest problems in regards to poor grades even to this day. It is my opinion this was caused in the early 70’s when politician and educators felt we had to get away from from teaching the basics in school “basic math adding, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions, reading, writing and sentence structure” for more advanced BS our kids don’t need like algebra. I don’t know about you but there has not been a day in my life i needed algebra. To me algebra is like latin, it is a dead math used in very little carrier fields. So why teach it to our kids who are failing in it miserably. They replace writing and grammar structure with reading comprehension. Yes we do need to understand what we are reading, but more important we need to know how to read and how to write a sentence. Those against corporal punishment said it caused teen pregnancy. They used statistics of teen pregnancy from the 60’s and 70’s to back this up, but failed to tell everyone they also used the teen pregnancy numbers from those teens who were married. In the 60’s and 70’s it was still a common practice for teen girls to get married at a early age and as we all know teen pregnancy has not gone away. They said it caused bullying at school. Assaults on teachers and authority figures. It cause vandalism and poor school attendance. Now school attendance has gone up, but don’t give credit to the removal of corporal punishment for that. Back in the 80’s and prior schools got paid for each of their students no matter if they were in their seat or not. That practiced change and now schools don’t get paid if students don’t attend. Thus schools are going after students and parents today to insure they get their money. In 2012 the FBI did a survey, they found sense the removal of the corporal punishment law, everything opponents against corporal punish sited saying it caused has tripled. Listen folks spanking your kids is something none of us want to do. Children must be held accountable for their bad actions. The school system and the home environment go hand in hand. The two reinforce each other. When i acted up at school and believe me i only did it one time, i got spanked by the principle. If i had refused that spanking at school i would have been suspended and then when i got home i would have had my butt beat. I did not spank my kids much, because i did not have too. They knew very well if they acted out in public, they were going to get it. Your children have to have a small amount of fear in the back of their minds to what the repercussion will be for their bad actions. That is where our youth have gone wrong in today’s society. Because of the removal of the corporal punishment law they know longer have any fear of repercussions of their bad decision making. They are being told in the school environment that it is abuse if their parents spank them and especially if they leave a mark on their butt. Children today and young adults, no longer fear that there is a recourse for their bad actions. You put this in the mixing bowl with all the violent TV movies and the violent video games they play, along with a lot of the reality TV and you have a walking time bomb waiting to make one last bad decision. Its their last bad decision because it usually lands them in jail or prison. Those states which still have the corporal punishment law in place in their school system and at home are never heard of on national TV. Their youth know right from wrong, their parents and schools system have always been able to reinforce it upon them.parenting-guide-n


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