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PACHUCO Historical Fiction/ Suspense/ Theiler/Western 1860’s to 2000’s
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A story of hope, culture, racism, civil rights, love, hate, and death.
It begins in the 1820s, during political battles over territorial rights between the United States and Mexico. The people of Alta California wanted more for themselves… more than the Mexican government was willing to give them. Emilio Cerna, once an Alpine Street gang member born in East Los, is an 80-year-old man on a mission, telling the tales of Chihuahua, Mexico and four generations of his family.
If you have not read this Self Help book, you are missing out. If you are tired of the way society has portrayed how our children should be raised, then we are having the same thoughts. The Rise and Fall of Our Youth is not a mainstream book. Actually, it is quite the opposite. It is a book based on common sense and leans toward good old fashion ways of raising children. In this book, I take my knowledge accrued while dealing with troubled young adults over the last 25 years working in a prison setting. I highlight 19 subjects that may have a negative effect on your children while being raised in today’s society. The one thing I learned over the years while interviewing so many troubled young adults was they did not hold things like spankings against their parents for trying to stop them from doing wrong. But rather what they held against their parents was doing nothing at all to stop them from making bad decisions and allowing them to run wild. In their eyes doing nothing at all amounted to not caring. The Rise and Fall of Our Youth is about the truth. If you cannot handle the truth as a parent, then this book is not for you. But if you are in search of the truth and guidance to see what your children or grandchildren will be faced with, then this is necessary read book for you. The following is the table of contents covered in The Rise And Fall Of Our Youth:
Author Introduction VII
About the Book 1
Chapter 1- Values, Morals and Ethics 7
Chapter 2- Responsibility/Accountability 21
Chapter 3- Establish Goals 28
Chapter 4- Sports Interaction 33
Chapter 5- Corporal Punishment Laws 41
Chapter 6- Abuse and Neglect 62
Chapter 7- Youth Blinded By Media Illusions 72
Chapter 8- Alpha Complex 85
Chapter 9- Over Protective/ Enabler Parent 91
Chapter 10- Education System 96
Chapter 11- Guns At Home 109
Chapter 12- Racism 115
Chapter 13- Mental Health System/ Rehabilitation 120

Chapter 14- Teenage Sex 130
Chapter 15- Drug Addiction 140
Chapter 16- Gang/Pressure Groups 148
Chapter 17- Politics 154
Chapter 18- Judiciary System 161
Chapter 19- Prison System 173



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