Lone Wolf Romance Novel Series

Author Weldon Ray Shaw the author Pachuco/historical fiction and The Rise And Fall Of Our Youth self help/parenting has written a romance novel series which he hopes to release in 2016. If you as a reader are looking for romance works that are emotionally powerful and resonant, then Lone Wolf is for you.
Those who have pre-reviewed “Lone Wolf/The Beginning” say it was more magical and romantic beyond their expectations. They said it was written in such a manner it actually made them feel they were right there with the characters as the story unfolded.
Weldon’s romance novels will always be written in a real life manner and filled with detailed descriptions, so the reader can relate to what the characters are doing, seeing and feeling. They will be about friendship that leads to emotions between two people. Their emotions will lead to passion and passion to love. Their love will steam roll the reader into a feeling of overwhelming romance. They will always be based on the building of a real life relationship between two people.
I recently announced the platform for Lone Wolf to my Author Facebook page weldon.shaw.1@facebook.com and twitter at weldonshaw3. The platform has been set for its release when it has been contracted.
Lone Wolf The Beginning is based in the 1840’s it is made up of 99,000-word count. It brings the Native American culture alive with romance and action in manner women will thoroughly enjoy it. It is about how a young white teen “Britt McCormack” was left abandoned in the Montana wilderness after his family died. He was rescued by a Cheyenne Indian chief named “Running Fox” who eventually gave Britt the name of “Lone Wolf.” Looking into Britt’s eyes Running Fox knew he was a very special young man. So special he only entrusted his young daughter Fawn to teach Lone Wolf the Cheyenne ways.
“Lone Wolf” is about breaking through barriers of mistrust between two cultures. It is about adapting to a new culture while building a friendship and trust with another person. As you read Lone Wolf, you will see and feel the passion that was forming between Lone Wolf and Fawn. You will see how Lone Wolf protected Fawn with his life. Placing his life on the line to insure his true love lived to see another day.
You will feel the pain of almost losing someone you love so dear. The pain Lone Wolf and Fawn felt on several occasions. The reader will feel the escalation of passion, trust and love between Lone Wolf and Fawn. Yes, “Lone Wolf” will make you cry, happy, passionate and sometimes angry. It will have you on the edge of your seat trying to figure out what is going to happen next.
I will close this by telling you as the author of “Lone Wolf”, I did my best to make this novel series a very special and a magical experience for you. It emphasizes love, passion, romance and a strong bond between two people.                                                           The platform for this epic novel has been launched. “Lone Wolf/The Beginning” is now completed and “Lone Wolf/The Resurrection” is half finished. I have also started the first chapter of a romance novel called “Victoria/ In Search Of Myself” this story takes place in modern time.

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