Book Reiview The Rise And Fall Of Our Youth

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Title: The Raising of Angels
Author: Shaw, Weldon
Copyright Date: January 2015
Illustrator: Unknown
Number of Pages: 163
Non-Fiction, History, Family Systems, Criminal Justice, Sociology
Shaw has provided readers with an excellent overview of how diminishing family values and overprotective parenting styles have led to many negative life outcomes throughout American society. A former correctional
officer, gang investigator and parent, Shaw provides readers with an unique perspective of the flaws in human character that are the byproduct of a failing philosophy of parental responsibility. Citing statistics on school violence, teen pregnancy, bullying, etc., Shaw demonstrates how inadequately parented children become poorly organized adults with looser personal values that lend to non-law abiding lifestyle choices. A sense of entitlement, the lack of goal setting, inactive lifestyle, poor socialization, and under appreciation for the well being of others, are all traits Shaw identifies as attributable to overprotective and inadequate parenting. This notion is the central premise of Shaw’s perspective which spotlights the tidal wave of listless, uninspired, and non-ambitious young people seen so commonly in the modern day. The book is a must read for students of criminology, family therapists, school administrators, treatment professionals, peace officers, criminal court system employees, and sociology buffs. Shaw’s insights were keen observations which compelled the reader to delve further and analyze the etiology of prominent social negatives commonly seen throughout the United States. This process of introspective societal examination is convincingly presented by Shaw who unabashedly
articulates a view that flouts the conventions of political correctness and the liberal leaning norms of mainstream theorists and social commentators.
Suggestions for Classroom Use/ Curriculum Connections
Curriculum applications for the the Raising of Angels is broad. The text is appropriate for students ranging from high school to those pursuing advanced graduate degrees. Shaw outlines multiple areas that could serve as fodder for classroom assignments such as essays, short stories, presentations, reports, and theses. Persons ages 15-55 are the demographic whom would benefit most from this insightful treatise on sociological dynamics in 21st century American society.
NYS & Commom Core Standards Connections – Social Studies, History, Literature
Recommended Grade Level(s) – Grade 10 – Graduate School. I highly recommend this book for this grade
range with no reservations.
Reviewed by – Dr. Abdul M. Isira – 2/12/15

Author Weldon Shaw writes "The Rise and Fall of Our Youth" a self-Help book to educate parents of young children about the fundamental principles of producing well-rounded, morally-bound young adults and help parents instill old fashioned morals, values and ethics in their children.  The Rise and Fall of Our Youth serves as a common sense guide to parents of today’s youth and will open your eyes to some of the many challenges our kids face as they grow older in today’s society.    The Rise And Fall Of Our Youth is now available for pre-order at Library Tales Publishing New York City


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