The Rise and Fall of Our Youth

The Rise and Fall of Our Youth get it, read it. available at Join Weldon on Facebook at Good morning everyone. Happy early 4 of July. I have been getting great responses back on my self help book “The Rise and Fall of Our Youth.” It looks like this came out just at the right time when things are in such turmoil across the nation and around the world. Uncertainty is at a all time high for our kids. The only negative feed back, which is not negative at all. A reader wished i had used some Bible scripture in the context of the book. Yes maybe i could have or should have because Lord knows i have been around the bible. But that was not what the book was about. The book is about making parents aware of the obstacles their children face. Its also about getting people thinking on their own and not letting other people do their thinking for them. I will be up front with those of you on my page. The Rise and Fall of Our Youth was my first book i wrote after retiring from California Department of Corrections. I actually shelved this manuscript, while doing a lot of soul searching. Why the soul searching. I had to ask myself if i wanted to deal with any negative feed back on this books content. The Rise and Fall of Our Youth is about getting back to old fashion ways of thinking. Some of its content wont effect our children unless we demand politicians to make changes. Over the years many laws have been changed, due to certain people pushing their own philosophies and point of views on all of us as a whole. Usually when this happens, it for personal gain. So in a nut shell some issue in this book can only be changed if people get active in making their local and federal politicians aware they are demanding change. Its in all of yours hands to make changes for the better. The price for failing to do so could be our children’s safety and future. Weldon Author Weldon Shaw writes


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