Class Dismissed!

I have a Best seller novel called Pachuco and another Self-Help releasing in June. Your article is right on he nose. I have solicited many agents to help with my current releases and future projects. I do understand once a novel is contracted a agent might not want to have anything to do with it, but there are still movie opportunities that they could actually push for, speaking engagements and interviews they could participate in to make revenue. The replies i have received back the traditional blanket cover replies such as “it wont fit in the list of books we are currently representing,” News flash my novel does not come in a package deal with all the others. It is a one item deal which you will represent as a individual item. the other reply is, i am just to busy to take on more clients. Once again news flash, hire more PR people. by limiting yourself to a certain of amount of clients you are limiting your income potential. This sense of self confidence is being aforded to them because the major publishers will not except unsolicited manuscripts. All manuscripts must be delivered to the major publishing by an agent. In a nut shell we need to push the major publishers to drop their no unsolicited

So you want to be a writer?

This is what I took away from the master class on how to get published last Friday: agents are pompous snobs.

Correction: the agents at this class were pompous snobs. ‘Well, the truth is, most people can’t write,’ one said in a lofty tone. The other one said, ‘And to be honest, I’m very, very busy with my already existent clients, so I don’t have much time to read from the slush-pile.’ However, they wanted to ensure us that if the writing was good, then of course they would take us on as clients.

Someone asked about taste, as in: aren’t agents just as subjective as the rest of us? How much of the decision making comes down to personal taste? ‘None,’ they said. We are professional people and know good writing when we see it,’ they said.

I raised my hand and asked how much of the decision making is colored by trends…

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