“Pachuco” Best Seller

If you like history and love a good story to unfold it, this is the novel for you.  Pachuco was written in a manner that it relates to the everyday life of a normal person.  It contains humor and is very serious in spots.  But more than anything it has a lot of moral lessons for people to think about. It is about the journey of the Latino culture during the transformation of Alta California to California under the US government.  This wonderful novel covers the years between 1860- 2000’s and was brought alive during the interview of a 80 year old gang member Emilio Cerna “fictitious character” from East Los Angeles.  Those who have read it say they actually felt like they were apart of the story.  Don’t miss out on your chance to experience this once in a life time approach to history.  Available at and and in Kindle form.

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Excerpt From Pachuco

He was not sure what to expect when the door opened. Finally after the second knock the door crept open, the man on the other side was as weather worn as the house he lived in. When John first looked at him he thought to himself, this man had all the answers but will never remember any of them.
John then put his hand out, introducing himself.
The old man said I know who you are, wearing that ridiculous suit in this neighborhood, you had to be either the reporter I have been waiting on or a Jehovah Witness. Now if you are Jehovah Witness, I am going to shoot your ass on the spot because I already told you guys not to come back.
John then started to laugh thinking the whole time this person is witty.
Emilio said now that we have broke the ice, come in, the house was dark except for the kitchen area. Come with me to the kitchen where the light is better. Emilio then gestured for John to sit down at the kitchen table.
My name is Emilio Cerna, I am 80 years old and I have lived in this Barrio Alpine my whole life. I probably do not have much of a chance to make it to heaven, but wherever I land, I have earned it. My family before me was raised in this neighborhood, as well as there family before them. My grandfather and his parents migrated here from Chihuahua in 1860.



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