Pachuco is at, Barnes and Noble

When John got out of his car people were standing in the street, as if they were keeping a close eye on him. John felt like he was in one of those spook movies and he was about to be attacked. He felt pretty unconformable, so he hurried up to the door and began to knock.
He was not sure what to expect when the door opened. Finally after the second knock the door crept open, the man on the other side was as weather worn as the house he lived in. When John first looked at him he thought to himself, this man had all the answers but will never remember any of them.
John then put his hand out, introducing himself.
The old man said I know who you are, wearing that ridiculous suit in this neighborhood, you had to be either the reporter I have been waiting on or a Jehovah Witness. Now if you are Jehovah Witness, I am going to shoot your ass on the spot because I already told you guys not to come back.
John then started to laugh thinking the whole time this person is witty.
Emilio said now that we have broke the ice, come in, the house was dark except for the kitchen area. Come with me to the kitchen where the light is better. Emilio then gestured for John to sit down at the kitchen table.
Emilio looked at John saying so you want the truth do you. I have heard that before, What makes you believe you can handle the truth? I have seen others people like You ask for the truth and they were given the truth, but in the end, they printed something completely different from what they were told.
John thought about what Emilio said, he was right it happens every day. John looked at Emilio saying, I will promise you, I will not put anything into print until you have read it and okayed its content. Okay
I will take you at your word, but if you cross me, I will hunt you down. Emilio then said on a more important note; did you bring the drink I asked for?
Oh yes, tequila right?
John handed the two bottles over to Emilio, who said yes very good accept one thing.
John’s head started to swirl with thoughts of what did I forget. He asked what did I forget?
Emilio said, you forgot nothing, it is just I do not like ass kissers. I did not ask for two bottles, I only asked for one.
John then looked down at the floor, and Emilio smacked him on the shoulder saying “lighten up man,” find a sense of humor. How do you think I survived all these years in the barrio?Pachuco full cover


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