Weldon Shaw is a first-time author with a very strong interest in the history and culture of different ethnic groups.  He recently retired from Law Enforcement, where his area of expertise was working as a gang investigator and debriefer. Over the years, he was charged with writing autobiographies of high profile gang members wishing to disassociate themselves from the gang lifestyle.

On April 9, 2015, Weldon’s dream will come alive, in the form of his first novel being released titled “Pachuco”.  Pachuco’s main objective is to explain how the Hispanic gangs evolved in East Los Angeles.  The novel is about a culture of people who were faced with betrayal, lost dreams, racism, false hopes, love, civil rights and death. If you love great stories with strong characters, that brings real history alive, than you will love Pachuco.

The story begins in the 1820’s, during political battles over territorial rights between the United States and Mexico.  The people of Alta California wanted more for themselves… more than the Mexican government was willing to give them.  Emilio Cerna, once an Alpine Street gang member born in East Los, is a 80-year-old man on a mission, telling the tales of Chihuaha, Mexico, Los Angeles and four generations of his family’s history.

Pachuco will be available for pre-order two weeks before release date of             April 9, 2015 at, after April 9, 2015 at Barnes and Noble and


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